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Evergreen Midwest Co. is dedicated to serving the manufacturing industry with the highest quality industrial valves available today. Valves, being critical machinery components, need to be built with maximum dexterity and strength. All valves available for sale on our website are manufactured by well-known & trusted brands Sherwood Valve and Rego Products. After decades of industry experience, we are proudly a leading supplier of exceptional valves from these manufacturers. These include globe valves, gate valves, ball valves, pressure regulators, safety relief valves, check valves - the list goes on. We serve a complete range of these critical cylinder components for almost all subcategories of the compressed gas industry, cryogenic markets, and specialty gas markets, as well as the medical, chemical, welding, life-support, cryogenic, and semi-conductor fields.
All the valves that we sell are manufactured in the United States and follow strict and automated manufacturing and testing processes. Our valves also adhere to the necessary international industrial valve standard regulations, therefore meeting the safety levels required for a variety of applications. We are teamed up with technology experts and experienced professionals to guide users with the functioning and repair mechanisms.