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Industrial Gas Valves

Industrial Gas Valves

The oil and gas industry are end-users of the global industrial gas valves. Considering the critical nature of applications or processes in these sectors, the industrial valves need to be high performing and must ensure smooth operations by regulating and controlling the movements of fluids.

We stock industrial gas valves that are highly functional, compliant with the specific industry standards, and durable.

Key Features & Benefits of Industrial Gas Valves:

  • Industry standard compliance due to automated testing and assembly processes
  • Tested for zero helium leakage
  • Controls and regulates pressure in the threads located at the top of the valve with the help of a metal-to-metal seal below the bonnet threads
  • Internal components meet the most stringent valve performance standards in the international market
  • Tapped for dip tube as required
  • Durable and high pressure resistance due to strong forged brass build
  • Excellent flow characteristics due to pressure relief device coupled with tamper resistance and proper assembly
  • Wide range of inlet and outlet thread configurations available for a broad spectrum of country, customer, and code specifications
  • Reduced friction and low-torque operation due to direct-drive stem design with optimized O-ring (GV) or double O-ring (GVHM)