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Integrated Valve/Regulator Combination - Oxygen

Integrated Valve/Regulator Combination - Oxygen

Evergreen carries a complete line of Sherwood Valve's "Oxygen-1" integrated valve and regulator combination for portable oxygen delivery systems. 

Key Features & Benefits:

Compact, Easy-to-Use Design

  • Designed for ambulatory service applications, combine on/off with reduced pressure for direct patient care
  • A 35% lower profile than comparable models provides more efficient racking and storage capabilities
  • 15 to 25% lighter weight than comparable models
  • Ergonomically designed shroud with carrying handles improves mobility and reduces user fatigue
  • Shroud circumference is sized to fit within the footprint
  • diameter of standard Medical-E cylinders
  • Pressure gauge located at the top of the unit is clearly visible and protected by the shroud handle


Reliable, Quality Product

  • Tested and meets all known tests for MRI-compatible components used in conjunction with a magnetic resonance imager for Level 3 Tesla requirements
  • Flow rate accuracy within ±10% of dial setting
  • Regulator adjustment knob with positive flow detents guards against inadvertent flow setting changes
  • Inspection windows in the shroud permit convenient leak inspection
  • All units are 100% helium leak tested
  • Each unit is assigned a unique serial number for positive
  • identification and tracking
  • Fill and evacuation rates are equivalent to standard post medical valves and deliver substantial time and money savings on the fill line
  • Shroud is made of a durable, high-performance nylon
  • ABS polymer blend and exhibits excellent chemical and UV resistance
  • Cleaned for oxygen service and oil free per ASTM G-93


Variety of Configurations

  • Available in both Check Valve and Shut-Off Valve configurations
  • DISS outlet connections are available in all configurations
  • Available in Standard Flow for hospital and pediatric applications, and High Flow for EMS/EMR applications

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