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Specialty Gas Valves

Specialty Gas Valves

We stock severial varities of specialty gas valves designed for specific purposes. All efficiently control gas flow in multiple applications, and are constructed in different designs (diaphragm valves, check valves, relief valves, packless valves).

Please call so that we can give you up-to-date quotes for these valves!

The 11/1032 Series of low pressure brass diaphragm valves can be used in liquefied gas applications as well as butane, propane and fuel gas applications.

The 1214Y Series of aluminum silicon bronze packed wrench-operated valves are designed for use with corrosive gases, chlorine liquids, preservatives, insecticides, fumigants, and bleaching agents.

The 5074 Series is designed for various high purity gases and UHP mixtures.

The 5983 Series of 303 Stainless Steel Packed Valves features PTFE packing for easy operation and a durable, leak-resistant stem seal.

The 6074 Series is designed for a variety of applications, including analytical & instrumentation gases, EPA protocol gases, environmental monitoring and medical applications using pharmaceutical gases.

The 6411 Series of diaphragm packless lecture bottle valves is manufactured by Sherwood, designed with corrosive gases in mind. These valves are extremely durable and can sustain the specialty gases and mixtures used in laboratories.

The 959 Series of pressure relief valves control gas flow rate & provide uniformity.

The 8000 Series is designed for many high-purity and high-pressure applications, UHP mixtures and pure gas applications.

Our specialty gas relief valves are approved for use by the Bureau of Explosives File 25-16-242-25AG, with water and flow capacity rated for liquefied gases.