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  • The Dangers of Overfilling CO2 Cylinders

    Overfilling a CO2 cylinder, accidentally or purposefully (ex: trying to get longer service out of one charge of a cylinder), can have unexpected and catastrophic consequences due to the characteristics of CO2 charge. Continue reading

  • 10 Great Tips for Safely Filling CO2 Cylinders

    It is HIGHLY recommended that only trained personnel fill CO2 cylinders.

    Continue reading
  • Valving Industrial Gas, CO2 and Oxygen Cylinders

    The following procedures are recommended for valving industrial gas and oxygen cylinders: Continue reading

  • Inspecting CO2 Cylinders Before Filling

    It is highly recommended that prior to filling, all CO2 cylinders be subjected to an external inspection of the cylinder and valve. This could identify potential problems from a cylinder with decreased integrity. Filling a damaged cylinder can be extremely dangerous. Continue reading

  • Importance of Cryogenic Valves and Regulators

    What is a Regulator?

    Regulators are valves. They are responsible for controlling the flow of liquids or gases that are contained within the cylinders and shutting off when the pre-determined pressure is reached. Continue reading

  • Evergreen Midwest Co - Latex and Mylar Balloon Fillers

    Evergreen Midwest Co. carries a wide variety of Balloon Fillers, including Latex and Mylar Fillers! Continue reading

  • Why Industries Rely On Sherwood Valves: A Trusted Valve Manufacturing Company

    The complex functioning of valves is critical, especially in manufacturing industries that rely greatly upon them. Sherwood Valve LLC is a global leader in providing fluid control and system critical gas solutions for industrial gas, chlorine gas, alternative fuels, HVACR, specialty gas, and life support markets. The company understands that valves are a vital piece of your business and thus infuses diligent manufacturing processes and quality checks in their construction. Sherwood is expert in quality and compliance testing as well as product design. Continue reading

  • How Has Valve Repair Technology Changed In the Past Few Years?

    There was a time when chemical plants and refineries had their own valve shops that were well-equipped with the necessary machinery and valve repair technicians. Though most of the times the servicemen replaced the valves rather than refurbishing them. Soon, there was a boom in the industrial valve repair segment and dozens of small as well as medium sized companies emerged to fill the vacuum. Continue reading

  • All You Should Know About Check Valves

    Check valves are a kind of valves that serve multiple purposes and are an essential valve required in almost all the industries. Practically, there is no industry where these are not installed on the operating systems. Valves in general are a critical component of any machinery and therefore must be selected after proper research for quality, durability, and sustainability. Your decision will greatly impact the functioning of machineries and the ultimate outcome of the project the valves are used for. Continue reading

  • Understanding Irrigation Master Valves and Their Wirings

    Master valves are essential equipment when considering the installation of an irrigation system. It is an electric valve that completely controls the water flow from the supply point. The valve helps reduce water leakage from a leaky station valve as it supplies pressure to it. As the name suggests, it masters the water supply in case your irrigation main line damages. A master electric valve is similar to your station valves, but instead of being installed in the downstream from the main line, it is installed at the front of the line in the upstream and is connected to the master pump in the controller. Continue reading

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