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Sparging Unit

Sparging Unit

Sparging Unit facilitates the process of injecting gas through a diffuser into a liquid phase. The process is used in both chemical and physical process applications. In the former, sparging is applied to dissolve reactant gases into liquid form for further reaction to happen such as oxidation, ozonation, hydrogenation, and fermentation reactions. In the later, i.e. in physical process applications, a gas is either used to dissolve into a liquid by carbonation and aeration reactions or to remove contaminations from the liquid phase with the help of water stripping, oxygen stripping or volatile organic compound stripping.

At Evergreen Midwest, spargers are available in different sizes, materials of construction and configurations and the choice depends on the design and operating conditions of the process. Ceramic spargers are mostly used in mild conditions while metal spargers are used in corrosive or oxidized conditions or even high temperature conditions. The configuration and type of sparger largely depends on factors such as operating pressure, temperature, tank size, mechanical agitation, gas flow rate, or whether a process is continuous or batch.

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