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Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic valve are generally used in applications that involve transmitting extremely cold gases through valves. It can cause possible malfunctions if a cryogenic extension is not used.

Our Valves are built for use in portable cryogenic cylinders and certain in-line shut-off valve applications. These valves also serve as vent valve, liquid fill on the mini bulk cryogenic tanks. We understand that cryogenic leakage is dangerous and expensive too. So, we ensure that the components of our valves sustain the contraction and expansion caused due to their exposure to cryogens. Our Valves are approved for TPED in accordance with EN1626. The extended stem versions are used as trycock valve or hose drain valve on cryogenic tanks. The valves also serve as the use, liquid fill, or vent valve on mini bulk cryogenic tanks.

The quarter turn ball valves are usually preferred by users for their tight shut-off capabilities and gate valves are chosen when larger valve sizes are required. These valves are assembled in a clean room so that they become lubricant free or use lubricants that are compatible with cold service. Browse our valves below: