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Medical Valves

Medical Valves


We have a wide collection of medical valves for use in specific applications. We have global valves that are designed for use in MRI environments while some of our valves serve as post medical valves.


GV MRI Series - Global Valves for Use in MRI Environments: These are high capacity oxygen valves that are usually used with aluminum cylinders having high capacity that are used in MRI environments. The GV MRI Series medical valves work with aluminum cylinders having 265 cu.ft. capacity and various straight-threaded inlet sizes to fit your requirement.


KVAB Series - Post-type medical valves for “F” and “D” type cylinders: These valves are used for all CGA-860 yokes. These medical valves feature inert PTFE packing which makes them corrosion-resistant, leak free and durable. These are also available in wrench or toggle types.


KVMB Series Post Medical Valves for Use in MRI Environments: The KVMB Series valves are specially constructed to reduce magnetic attraction and adheres to Tesla requirements with a magnetic resonance imager for level 3. They come with ASTM standard F 2503-05 marking


Sherwood Oxy-Gen I Series Oxygen Valves: These are specific valves that are used in ambulatory service applications. Manufactured by Sherwood, they are compact and easy to use and are available in V &VC models.


YVBA Series - Vertical Outlet Oxygen Valves: The YUBA Series vertical outlet oxygen valves can be paired with composite and small medical aluminum cylinders especially in home care setting.

Our medical valves are made from any one / combination of the most unreactive materials available, to give them the very important feature of non-reactiveness.

This makes the products perfectly suitable & safe for medical purposes, as it reduces the chance of unwanted reactions taking place during sensitive procedures. 

We are a leading provider in the field of compressed gas & valves, with a strong inventory of top quality valves and related accessories.

Our rich medical valve inventory includes:

  • Global valves for MRI environments
  • Post-medical valves
  • Post medical valves for MRI environments
  • Oxygen valves with integrated regulators
  • Vertical outlet oxygen valves