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Evergreen carries a complete line of regulators for high pressure gas and cryogenic industrial needs. We ensure quality and safety, as per international standards. Our line of regulators covers various needs - from beer tap regulators made by Taprite to cryogenic regulators by Rego Cryoflow, one of the leading regulator and valve manufacturers in the country. Taprite has been providing accurate beverage regulators for years, and Rego regulators undergo rigorous testing to maintain a reliability of both product and company standard. Rego's valves and regulators actually undergo automatic machining, utilizing robotics in their construction & upkeep. This computer integrated manufacturing ensures that exact industry standards are met.
We have many types of industrial regulators - beer tap regulators, cryogenic, inertrol, oxygen, automatic changeover regulators, & more. Take a look, and as always, contact one of our salesmen with any questions.