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Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure relief valves are high flow capacity valves as they need to be capable of directing the flow to the tank. They are used in hydraulic systems and they are used to limit the pressure of the system to a specific level. When the prescribed set pressure limit is reached, it immediately responds and sends the excess flow back into the tank from the system. These valves are usually closed pressure control valve.

Evergreen Midwest is an authorized dealer of pressure relief valves, Cryogenic relief valves that are specifically designed for industrial gases; including oxygen and cryogenic service. These work appropriately on piping systems, mini bulk cryogenic containers, and liquid cylinders where an ASME relief valve is used.

  • A8560, A8570 and AA8570 Series - Designed especially for use as a primary relief device on large stationary pressurized storage containers with flanged openings.
  • AR Series - Provide precise control set points which protect cryogenic vessels and piping systems for over-pressurization.
  • B-19434B Series/C-19434B Series - The B-19434B Series relief valves are suitable for use with oxygen and non corrosive gases. The C-19434B series relief valves are designed for use in carbon dioxide service.
  • DA Series - Is a complete unitized solution for pressure relief devices assembled in a factory setting, ready for attachment to Cryogenic bulk tanks. Ideal for OEM applications where pre-fabricated assemblies are favored to streamline construction.
  • DR Series - Diverter Valve Series provides a simple solution for the isolation of pressure relief devices during routine change out of a relief valve without evacuating the vessel. Excellent for protecting bulk liquid vessels, transport trailers, industrial pipelines, and LNG systems.
  • NR Series - Designed especially for indoor applications such as laboratories where relief valve discharge noise is an issue. RegO’s NR series PRV provides excellent flow characteristics with a 50% reduction in outlet noise related to valve relief.
  • PRV 9400 Series - Brass or Stainless Steel, Non-ASME - These relief valves are specifically designed for thermal safety relief applications and cryogenic liquid containers.
  • PRV 19430 Series - Brass Relief Valves/PRV 29430 Series Stainless Steel Relief Valves - These relief valves are designed for oxygen and other industrial gases and for cryogenic service. Appy on piping systems, liquid cylinders or mini-bulk cryogenic containers where an ASME relief valve is desired.
  • Specialty Gas Relief Valves - For Specialty Gas Applications.
  • UA3149A Series - The UA3149A series “pop-type” relief valves are especially designed for use as a secondary relief valve in carbon dioxide transports and stationary storage tanks. The relief valve is designed to protect the tank from excessive over pressure in the event of fire or other emergencies.