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AV Series - Small Cylinder Acetylene Wrench-Operated Valves

AV Series - Small Cylinder Acetylene Wrench-Operated Valves

The AV Series Acetylene Valves are also available in wrench operated styles and are mostly used with small cylinders.


  • Allows positive shut-off
  • Designed to be used with MC style cylinders (10 cu. Ft.)
  • Perfect for cutting and brazing applications

  • AVB521SM

  • Has stainless steel stem
  • Used majorly in corrosive environments
  • Does not feature internal PRD
  • Clearly labeled “Manifold” with red bonnet nut

  • AVB521S

  • Features a red bonnet nut and has clear “Manifold” label
  • Feasible for use in manifold applications
  • Does not use fuse metal (no internal PRD)

  • AVB521

  • Enables positive shut-off
  • Withstands rough field servicing applications and provides durability in construction applications
  • Can be used with 40 cu. Ft. capacity B style cylinders

  • AV5160WB

  • Easy operation and access within the cylinder collar
  • Suggested to be used with 390 cu. ft. capacity (WB style) cylinders
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