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Cryogenic Regulators

Cryogenic Regulators

We are certified, authorized dealers of cryogenic regulators manufactured by Rego®.

  • The 1780 Series Regulators regulate the pressure in final lines. The BR-1780 Series Regulators support a wide variety of gases in industrial medical applications.

  • The 1682M Series Cryogenic Regulators are primarily designed for use in second stage regulation. The C-1682M Series can be most conveniently used with Carbon Dioxide.

  • The ES8450 Series Extended Stem Valves and BK9450 & BK9470 Series Extended Bonnet Valves are used for cold gas applications that require for LNG fueling.

  • The RG Series cryogenic regulators maintain pressure on the cryogenic liquid within cryogenic containers. These valves are very useful in installations where there are cost and space limitations.

  • The ECL Series Cryogenic Economizers are manufactured to be used in liquid cryogenic cylinder to utilize the gas pressure which would otherwise be evaporated into the atmosphere through the pressure relief valves. They are also excellent for use in converter applications, LNG fuel cylinders, vaporizers, and cryogenic lines.

  • The CB504 Series Regulators are designed to maintain the pressure of cryogenic liquid within bulk vessels and thereby combining economizer (ECL) and pressure building (RG) in a single compact unit.

  • The Rego LCR Series pressure reducing regulator assembly controls the gas pressure of the use line or discharge of any liquid cylinder with a flow capacity that is at least double the capacity of the cylinder vaporization coil. The LCR series regulators can also be used with nitrogen, argon, oxygen, or carbon dioxide liquid cylinders.