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Cylinder Valves Ultra High Pressure

Cylinder Valves Ultra High Pressure

Designed for use in every country around the world. For use in cylinders containing oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen, as well as welding gas mixtures.
Key Features & Benefits
• Automated assembly and testing processes ensure exceptional quality
• 100% helium leak tested
• Heavy-duty forged brass body for durability and high pressure
• Precisely machined internal components meet the most stringent international valve performance standards
• Pressure Relief Device (PRD) is a unitized plug design that provides excellent flow characteristics, ensures proper assembly and tamper resistance
• Metal-to-metal seal below bonnet threads prevents pressure in the threads at top of valve body
• Direct-drive stem design with optimized O-ring (GSHV) seal reduces friction and operates at exceptionally low torque levels
• Inlet and outlet thread configurations are available for a broad spectrum of customer, country and code specifications
• Tapped for dip tube as required

The GSHV Valves are ultra high pressure sustaining valves and boast of the following features,

  • Each of these valve are 100% helium leak tested.
  • Precisely manufactured internals are used to get 100% performance at all times of high pressure.
  • The brass body assures complete durability in high pressure.
  • The stem design is optimized with the o ring for the GSV variant and double o ring in the GSHV version.
  • Reduced friction to ensure operation at low torque levels.
  • The inlet and the outlets are available in various sizes, lengths and diameter owing to the wide usage of the valves.

Evergreen Midwest since its establishment in 1978 has been striving hard on three fronts, providing the customers with the markets best product, offer manufacturers of the such products an access to a huge customer base and connecting customers and the manufacturers with the service of Evergreen Midwest.

The top quality, best priced GSHV Valves that are available with Evergreen Midwest are an example of their three fold efforts, if you are looking to get some top of the line valves in your business; Evergreen Midwest is the direction to look at!

These GSHV Series Valves – Ultra High Pressure Plated are built to sustain ultra high pressure and can be used in cylinders containing argon, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide as well as welding gas mixtures. These valves are tested for any helium leaks before setting out for sale as we, at Evergreen Midwest, Co. do not compromise on quality.
The valves have precisely machined internal components that meet the most stringent international valve performance standards. The pressure relief device provides excellent flow characteristics due to the unitized plug design. It also ensures tamper resistance and proper assembly. The GSHV valves have inlet and outlet thread configurations that can be used for a broad spectrum of code specifications.