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206BLL Series

206BLL Series

The Goddard valves when used for cryogenic service, offers excellent flow and safety.

Outstanding Features:

  • Bronze cast body and bonnet 
  • Rugged bonnet construction for a long life 
  • Non extended stem for cold gas service 
  • Permanently install the union bonnet valve in the line as it can be serviced from the top 
  • Kold-Seal™ and the high CV design prevents loss of gas 
  • Sizes available from 8mm through 50mm (¼” through 2”) 
  • PTFE seat design for bubble tight seating and life of the bronze globe valve 
  • Threaded FNPT , SBT (Sil Braze Tube) or brazed in stainless steel pipe nipples 
  • Used in LNG service, liquefied and vaporized atmospheric gases 
  • Working temperatures 325°F to 150°F (-196°C to +65°C) 
  • Working pressure rating of 600 PSIG
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    B-206BLL-12S6 1-1/2" THREADED GODDARD

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