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Gate Valves

Gate Valves

Gate Valves are commonly used for all types of applications and can be conveniently used for above ground, as well as underground, installations. They can be used in fully open or fully closed patterns. It is generally installed as isolating valves in pipelines. They are rotated either in clockwise to open (CTO) or clockwise to close (CTC) rotating motion of the stem. The gate moves upwards or downwards on the threaded part when the valve stem is in operation. They are often used when a free bore and minimum pressure loss is required. A typical gate valve does not obstruct the flow path and in turn minimizes pressure loss. It is a multi-turn valve that efficiently prevents water hammer effects as the valve turns0020multiple times to return from open to close positions.

At Evergreen Midwest, we stock two types of gate valves at wholesale price: Parallel and Wedge-shaped. In the wedge shaped gate valves, there is a slightly mismatched inclined gate and two inclined seats. The parallel gate valves use a flat gate that exists between two parallel seats.

Key Features:

    • Bidirectional use
    • Reduced pressure loss
    • Shutoff feature