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Evergreen carries a complete line of high and low pressure aluminum compressed gas cylinders. Our line consists of aluminum gas cylinders for the beverage, medical, industrial gas, & specialty gas industries. 
We carry robust, corrosion-resistant aluminum cylinders that are tested under strict guidelines as per international valve performance standards.
Carbon dioxide cylinders are an ideal choice for dispensing beer and other carbonated drinks.
Helium cylinders are specially manufactured to hold helium at high pressures. This is ideal for welding, fiber optics, and water diving.
Industrial gas cylinders are made of aluminum or high-strength steel and contain gases like helium, argon, oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen at up to 300 bar. These are durable and reliable.
Our range of medical oxygen cylinders are manufactured by Catalina Cylinders; the line is compatible with a wide variety of valves.
Our cylinders are durable, corrosion-resistant and are ready for rough handling.