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Bronze Gate Valves

Bronze Gate Valves

Evergreen has a large selection of bronze gate valves to meet your specific needs. These are mostly used in high flow applications and encourage straight-through flow. Highest CV rating in the industry. The 302 and 306 non-extended stem varieties are used for certain cold gas applications, while the 310 and 310X extended stems are ideal for cryogenic applications.

Key Features:

  • Better sealing and extended life cycle due to standard split-wedge design
  • Rugged construction, featuring bronze cast bonnets and bodies
  • Sizes: ½” - 3” (15mm - 80mm)
  • Designed with unique KOLD-SEAL™
  • Temperature Rating: -325°F - 150°F (-196°C + 65°C)
  • Sizes 1.5” - 3.0” PED approved per EN 10204, 3.1
  • Designed to MSS SP-80 and ASME B31.3
  • Ends: Threaded (FNPT), Sil Braze Tube (SBT)