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Our pride is in sharing our combined 140 years of industry expertise. We help you get what you need.

Sherwood Valve

Sherwood has been known as a global leader in the supplying of system-critical products and services for decades - close to a century. Sherwood issues products to specialty gas manufacturers and distributors, as well as storage and delivery system providers. Developed in Buffalo, NY in 1923, the name Sherwood has since stood for quality, innovation, and competency – all due to consistent service by determined teams of experts. Some efficient and innovative tools that have been incorporated by Sherwood are automated manufacturing, infrared thermal imaging, and helium leak checking.

The Sherwood goal is to continuously maintain and top their own quality, while still making affordability a priority. Sherwood Valve proudly develops their extremely high-standard products from three locations near Cleveland, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Sherwood Valve Logo


Industrial Gas Valves

    • GV + GVHM Series, Global Industrial Gas Valves
    • GRPV Series, Residual Pressure Valves
    • MVHM Series, Monel Valves
    • SVHM Series, Stainless Steel
    • BV Series, Hi/Lo Valves w/ Built-In Regulators
    • 1206A Series, Ammonia Packed Wrench-Operated Valves

Acetylene Valves

    • AV Series, Small Cylinder Acetylene Valves
    • GV Acetylene Series, Large Cylinder Acetylene Valves
    • GVT Series, Vertical Outlet Acetylene Valves

Medical Valves

    • KVAB Series, Post Medical Valves
    • KVMB Series, Post Medical Valves for MRI Environments
    • GV-MRI Series, Global Valves for MRI Environments
    • OxyGen I Series, Oxygen Valves with Integrated Pressure Regulators
    • YVBA Series, Vertical Outlet Oxygen Valves

Propane Cylinder Valves

    • DOT Propane Cylinder Valves
    • DOT Propane Forklift Valves

Alternative Energy Valves

    • NGV, NGVHM, + NGRPV Series, Global Industrial Gas Valves for Hydrocarbon-Based Flammable Gases
    • NBV Series, CNG Ball Valves
    • PVE3250 Series, Propylene Valves
    • DF Series, Alternative Fuel Valves

Specialty Applications

    • YVA Series, High-Pressure Line Valves
    • 430 Series, Master Shut-Off Valves
    • Refrigerant Recovery Series, Refrigerant Recovery Valves
    • Refrigerant Recovery Series, Refrigerant Cylinder Valves

Fuse Plugs and Pressure Relief Devices

    • Fuse Plugs
    • Pressure Relief Devices
    • Pressure Relief Devices Technical Information
    • Pressure Relief Device Numbering Matrix: Unitized Plug Series

Product Markings

    • Product Markings Reference
    • KVAB and KVMB Date Code Tables