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Carbon Dioxide Cylinders

Carbon Dioxide Cylinders

The CO2 cylinders are an ideal choice for commercial beer dispensing of beers, carbonated soft drinks, ciders, or can be used in kegerators as well as other home-dispensing devices. These compact 10lb CO2 cylinders with carbon made from aluminum are easy workhorses for beverages. The CO2 tanks are a great source for dispensing beverages and can also be put to use in various other industrial and welding jobs. These tanks are handy companions for scientific gas delivery, aquariums, and hydroponics.

Our range of CO2 cylinders are:

• Constructed to comply with the highest industry standards and exceeds all regulatory standards worldwide

• Manufactured with strong, thick walls to resist damage

• Covered with brushed, corrosion resistant exterior for easy care and a robust appearance

• Lighter (up to 40%) than the steel cylinders of the same size

• Equipped with a firm handle to be able to be carried easily

• Fitted with the new CGA320 valve, the standard for CO2

• Great cylinders for low-temperature performance

Key Specifications:

• 1800 PSI service pressure / 3000 PSI test pressure

• TC- and DOT- approved

• 7″ diameter x 21″ height (with valve and handle)

• Consistent TARE weight tank to tank

• Application: Welding, scientific, beverages, industrial, hydroponics, and aquariums

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