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Industrial Gas Valves

Industrial Gas Valves

Evergreen Midwest’s industrial gas valves are designed for rigorous use in various atmospheric conditions. They can be used in any country in the world, as they are manufactured in compliance with international standards of valve manufacturing. These industrial valves are made for use in cylinders containing hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, argon, oxygen, nitrogen, and welding gas mixtures.

Key Features:

  • 100% helium leak-free
  • Automated assembly of valves along with testing processes for exceptional quality
  • Pressure prevention in the threads at the top of the valve body due to metal-to-metal seal present below bonnet threads
  • Durability and high pressure assured due to heavy duty forged brass body
  • Tapped for dip tube as required
  • Internal components are precisely built to adhere to the most stringent valve performance standards of the international market
  • Optimized O-ring (GV) or double O-ring (GVHM) seal w/ direct drive stem design for operation at exceptionally low torque levels + reduced friction