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Acetylene Valve Parts and Accessories

Acetylene Valve Parts and Accessories

Evergreen Midwest is a market leader in the field of compressed gas and welding industry. Acetylene has a lot of uses in the industry of welding and compressed gas viz. Welding, cutting, heating treatment, prodcution of chemicals like vitamin A, vitamin E etc and also production of polyethylene plastics. All these application requires in compressed state in cylinder, making safety of all the employees employed in all the above industries. 

Thus, acetylene valves like the hand wheel and wrench operated ones for the smaller cylinders and GV series one for the larger size of cylinders along with the necessary accesories like cylinder replacement felts and replacement screens are of utmost importance. 

All the valves, parts and its accessories, that are sold at Evergreen Midwest are acquired from market leading manufacturers in the industry, making sure that no sub-standard reaches to the wide consumer market of the Evergreen Midwest ensuring best performance and safety.