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On sale

Item Number Product Category Manufacturer Price Quantity
E-T742 Beer Keg CO2 Regulators $46.05
E-T752HP Dual Pressure CO2 Regulator $80.41
E-5741PMHPNT High Pressure Nitrogen Tap Regulator $58.75
E-742HPN Nitrogen Beer Regulators $49.85
E-T5741PMHPBK-01 Primary Beer Tap Regulator $45.39
E-3741BR Primary Co2 Beer Regulator for Home Dispense $36.88
Download E-3741BR.pdf

Evergreen Midwest was founded in 1978 on three primary goals conceived of by entrepreneur Joseph Cregan Sr.:

Joseph Cregan Sr.'s two decades in the compressed gas and welding industry prior to founding Evergreen Midwest gave him the insight and the foresight to put these goals into action. His family continued his commitment to those principles after his death on March 15, 1988. His vision has changed not only the company, but also the compressed gas and welding field. Now, Evergreen Midwest continues his innovation, and this constantly strengthens the company while benefiting our customers.

Evergreen's growth has been steady and constant over twenty-three years. We could not have achieved this without our trusted customers, and the manufacturers that we work with. We have developed our business through hard work and a true desire to provide service for you that you value.



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